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Commercial Cleaning


  • Community Centres, Village Halls, Churches
  • Educational facilities
  • Public Houses, Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Medical Facilities, (eg Reception etc.,)
  • Residential Homes
  • Garden Centres, Nurseries
  • Cafes

All of the above areas have their own special needs for cleaning. This will be assessed and priced upon enquiry and request, need and specification.

Our cleaners stick to the requirements for inventory checkouts, and we guarantee that nothing will be missed. Our list is up to date with the cleaning standards.

If the property is very dirty, the price for your service will increase.

Whatever the organisation everyone wants to work, live or rest in a nice clean environment. Clean places promote tidy minds. I am sure we all want the best from our employees – the environment in which they work will nurture positive staff thinking and performance.

Our Aims:-

  1. We will clean from top to bottom and nothing is overlooked. We pride ourselves in offering consistently high standards of professional cleaning services and that’s why we guarantee it!
  2. Everyone has individual needs and choices. We clean every day, but when we’re cleaning your property it is as a unique requirement and your time that we care about. Our staff, are all professionally trained in a way, to ensure your individual cleaning needs are met
  3. La Millé will supply all cleaning materials but we have to state that this is extra on the price of the clean. Should you wish to use your own cleaning materials there will be no extra charge. The customer should know that the official price is only for the work of the cleaner(s). This excludes the price for materials and administration requirements.
  4. La Millé the cleaners will be as efficient as possible so that you are completely satisfied with our services.
  5. La Millé is reliable…
  6. Uniformed, fully insured, staff will arrive with all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies on your pre-arranged day. Where possible you will be offered the same cleaner on a regular basis

We run on reputation. You will find our staff both friendly and extremely qualified. All of our staff have to be Police checked before they are allowed to work for us. Plus at least two references.

We have passion for what we do and are always open to discussion on changes and requirements – we will listen to what you say and do our utmost to meet you in your decisions.

FOR ALL ENQUIRIES please telephone La Millé on 01255 476049 AND SPEAK TO ONE OF OUR DEDICATED STAFF who will arrange to make an appointment for us to come and visit your premises and discuss your requirements.